Wednesday, June 19

    GAZ Classic Rebuild Service

    Gaz can rebuild or modify existing suspension setups to a modern height and rate adjustable damping unit within a few weeks.
    Old McPherson struts can be sent to GAZ to be totally reconditioned to standard or uprated specifications.
    Units can be produced with a new outer tube threaded for height adjustment and fitted with a top adjuster.
    The Gold range units can be made to a similar specification with bump and rebound adjustment by a side control knob with fixed or adjustable platforms for historic racing.
    Customers who find they cannot obtain replacement parts for classic or historic cars, whether they utilise stub axles on McPherson struts or brackets on semi stubs should contact GAZ regarding remanufacture of these components, as we are nominally able to fabricate front and rear units to suit your requirements. Exact specifications and price will need to be agreed between customer and Gazmatic International Limited to ensure your complete satisfaction.