Friday, April 12

    Why Choose Gaz?

    • Flexibility / Adaptabilité / Flexibilität / Flexibilidad
    • Easy multi point rotary adjustment providing the facility for fine tuning without the need to remove the shock absorber from the car.

    • Revolutionary / Révolutionnaire / Revolutionär / Revolucionario
    • Double lip seal plus a further stem seal on the piston rod. Produces a shock absorber with unrivalled performance characteristics for both the road and track.

    • Drivability / Conduite / Fahrbarkeit / Maneiabilidad
    • Employing our complete understanding of every aspect of damping technology we believe that Gaz shock absorbers strike the ultimate balance between comfort and performance road holding.

    • Reliability / Fiabilité / Zuverlässigkeit / Seguridad
    • Every unit is fully tested and despatched from our factory with an individual dynometer report.

    • Quality / Qualité / Qualität / Calidad
    • Made to accredited ISO9001 standard and supplied with a 2 year warranty.

    • Durability / Longévité / Widerstandsfähigkeit / Durabilidad
    • Electro plated body that resists salt spray and road grime on vehicles where detailing really matters.

    • Availability / Disponibilité / Verfügbarkeit / Existencias
    • A full range of fully adjustable shock absorbers and suspension kits for popular models.

    • TÜV ISO 9000 Certified