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Fitting Advice

gaz shocks fitting adviceGAZ Product Fitting Instructions

  • Gaz Adjustable Height Kits
  • Gaz Fixed Height Kits
  • Adjustable Dampers

1. Gazmatic Products should only be fitted by a suitably qualified person, as per the original equipment.

2. It is often the case that a number of the coils will touch when the vehicle is at ride height.

3. Never grip the piston rod, as this will damage the highly polished surface leading to possible premature failure of damper.

4. For ease of fitting the springs are labelled front and rear to prevent confusion. The springs, when fitted, should be the correct way up.

5. Check that after fitting there is space between the bump stops and the top of the damper. If there is not you may need to purchase shorter bump stops. Never omit the bump stops, if supplied.

6. After lowering or raising any vehicle, it is necessary to reset the tracking and in some cases also the camber settings. These should be returned to factory settings where possible.

7. To set up your car, set all the damper adjusters to mid setting, then adjust to suit

8. When fitting non-standard wheel and tyre combinations and lowering the vehicle it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure there is adequate body and tyre clearance.

9. On the top adjustable Gaz dampers, always fit the white plastic bump stop plate below the bump stop and the top of the dampers.

10. The top adjustable struts have multi rebound adjustments. Turning the adjusters fully anti-clockwise gives a soft setting. Turning the adjusters clockwise gives a harder setting.

11. The Gaz shock adjuster affects both bump and rebound. To set the adjuster for the soft position turn anti-clockwise until it stops. The multi point adjustment will increase the damping forces with each clockwise click of the adjuster knob. Excessive over adjustment may cause damage to the adjuster mechanism.

12. Maximum lowering is achieved where the bump stops are sitting just off the top of the dampers. Never ride the car in the bump stops as this will decrease the life of the dampers and not give optimum handling.

13. Using stiffened/up-rated shock absorbers and springs increases the load on other suspension components. We do not accept any liability for premature failure of any associated part.

14. To get the best results from your Gaz kit, get the corner weights set by a specialist.

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