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GAZ in June/July BMW Car Magazine featur…

12-05-2020 News & Events

GAZ in June/July BMW Car Magazine feature

Read about Rob Richardson’s GAZ suspension upgrade on his BMW2002 in the June/July issue of...

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25-03-2020 News & Events

Due to necessary government restrictions GAZ is operating a skeleton staff, but still handling orders,...

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GAZ supports Scotty's Retro Workshop

26-09-2018 News & Events

GAZ supports Scotty's Retro Workshop

Here's a great idea... start up a classic car restoration workshop and use it to...

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Custom GAZ Golds for WRC Polo

11-04-2018 News & Events

Custom GAZ Golds for WRC Polo

  No one knows rallying quite like the Scandinavians, so when Eric Johnansson wanted suspension for...

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Lowering a tarmac Escort Mk1

28-02-2018 News & Events

Lowering a tarmac Escort Mk1

It’s always nice to get requests from other big name companies in the performance industry...

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We're in the movies - the story continue…

08-01-2018 News & Events

We're in the movies - the story continues!

You may remember back in 2014 GAZ supplied the suspension for the 1965 Volvo 'Hotrod'...

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The Baltic Classic Rally 2017

27-01-2017 News & Events

The Baltic Classic Rally 2017

Congrats to Wilfried Bechtolsheimer and Colin Banstead in their 1939 Citroën CV 15/6 Légère who came 13th out of 46...

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2017 catalogue

20-12-2016 News & Events

2017 catalogue

 The new 2017 GAZ Catalogue is now available! Download it as a PDF by clicking here....

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How low can you go with a T5?

15-06-2016 News & Events

How low can you go with a T5?

Richard contacted us telling us about his 2014 T5.1 Caravelle and asking how to set up...

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GAZ and the Butcher's Van

15-06-2016 News & Events

GAZ and the Butcher's Van

Our mate, Martyn Hillier, is the genius behind the The Butcher's Arms, in Herne Village, Kent...

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GAZ Catalogue


What do GAZ offer for your car?

Find out in the GAZ catalogue. Check out the whole range. Shock absorbers and suspension kits listed by car make, year and model. 

Download PDF version of catalogue

View E-Catalogue.

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Frequently asked questions...

What should I do before I fit GAZ products?

Be sure to check that the parts you are supplied with are suitable for the vehicle for which they are intended.We cannot replace any items that have been correctly supplied to the information that we have been given after they have been fitted.

Does it matter which way up springs are fitted?

Please ensure that springs are fitted correctly and not inverted. If you are unable to determine the correct fitting position for your vehicle please refer to your workshop manual or seek guidance from a qualified person.

Will the brakes be affected?

Some vehicles that are fitted with a brake bias system may require resetting or adjustment after installation of your new shock absorbers and springs.

Some vehicles that are fitted with mechanical ABS sensors may require resetting or adjustment after installation of your new shock absorbers and springs.

Will the steering geometry be affected?

Unless GAZ Shocks specify alternative measurements, please use the settings detailed by the manufacturer of the vehicle. See note below if lowering more than 40mm.

How much will the car be lowered?

The reduction in ride height quoted in our catalogue is approximate and can be affected by many factors that are outside the control of GAZ Shocks. Please ensure that your car has not been subject to any other conversion that may continue to influence its ride height after installation and impair the performance of our product.

N.B with some Mercedes models,worn spacers between the coil spring and spring pan may result in excessive lowering. Replacement spacers are readily available from Mercedes Benz spares stockists and should effectively remedy this problem.

Is there a limit to how much I should lower the car?

GAZ Shocks recommend that no vehicle is lowered more than 60mm.We will not accept any claim for damage or excessive wear to any component or area of a vehicle however caused.

Vehicles that have had their ride height reduced in excess of 40mm often benefit from having their steering geometry reset to the data detailed by the manufacturer of the vehicle to promote even tyre wear.

In some extreme cases even this course of action will not remedy the situation and GAZ Shocks cannot be held responsible for any excessive tyre wear however caused.

Can I use after market wheels & tyres?

Please ensure that the wheels and tyres fitted to the vehicle will allow enough clearance from the bodywork after installation of the lowering kit. GAZ Shocks are not responsible for any damage to tyres or bodywork caused by friction during contact.

What do I do if a GAZ part goes wrong?

Your GAZ Shock is covered by a two year warranty for road use, effective from the date that the shock was purchased.

In the unlikely event of a claim under the warranty, the company will require evidence of purchase. It is a requirement of the GAZ warranty agreement that any faulty unit must be returned to the dealer from whom it was purchased - your sales contract is with them. The dealer will then forward it to the GAZ quality department who will assess any relevant claim.

The company will, at its discretion, repair or replace shocks which are part of a valid claim. This warranty will not be valid if there is evidence of incorrect installation or signs that the unit has been tampered with.

Units should be returned to the quality manager, at the address shown on the Contact Us page. A note giving details of the failure and the conditions prevailing at the time should accompany the unit.

Receipt of the unit will be acknowledged and the company will endeavour to respond within 10 working days.

This warranty does not apply if the shock has been used for competition purposes.

GAZ Shocks are dedicated to producing shock absorbers and struts that satisfy the exacting requirements of our customers. As part of our quality system, we are committed to a quality improvement programme and we regard the feedback of our customers as an essential part of this process.


Do not over-tighten base control in either direction, as this will result in locking the adjustment on the complete assembly.

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