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Due to necessary government restrictions GAZ is operating a skeleton staff, but still handling orders, although they may be subject to some delay. We will respond to all e-mail enquiries in due course, as time permits.


We wish you well and will be working very hard to get everything back on track as soon as possible.

The GAZ Team

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GAZ supports Scotty's Retro Workshop

Scottys RW logo4Here's a great idea... start up a classic car restoration workshop and use it to teach needy kid the practical skills they need to work in the restoration market.

We thought it's great idea too, which is why we're supporting Scotty's Retro Workshop. You can buy parts there as well and each sale gives them a small profit to help this worthy cause. For the full story go to and help them to help the future of the classic car industry.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 September 2018 16:19

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Custom GAZ Golds for WRC Polo

Eric Johasnssons-WERC Polo-web


No one knows rallying quite like the Scandinavians, so when Eric Johnansson wanted suspension for his new WRC Time Attack Polo he simply sent a drawing to GAZ and we made up a set of custom GAZ Golds to his own specification.

The car also has custom GAZ adjustable top mounts to fit the front turrets. 

What's next for Eric? Look out for an Ultima GTi with a V12 engine. That's one we want to see Eric!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 12:19

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Lowering a tarmac Escort Mk1

race smartIt’s always nice to get requests from other big name companies in the performance industry so when we received a message from Jamie Augustine, who works at the MoTeC Research Centre in Oz, we were particularly interested.

Jamie is building a tarmac Escort Mk1 and wanted it to ride quite low. He had already looked at our normal GP6-2069 damper kit and our GP6-2069 short damper kit, but both of those were too long to give him the ride height he wanted.

Not a problem, we can make the dampers to suit the car so we asked Jamie to set the car up at the ride height he wanted then measure the distance between the bottom bolt hole and under the turret to give us the fitted length. Armed with this information we made a pair to fit.

The arches presented a problem as they sit higher than the original ones so the car would be dropped lower than normal. Also the turret height had to be taken into account when determining the length of the damper. We made a pair that were 16”/406mm open, 10 ½”/266mm closed and 11 ½”/295mm on the bump stop. MoTec-Escort


Jamie’s verdict? His recent e-mail said “The new dampers for my Mk1 Escort have arrived and they fit perfectly.”

MoTec’s motto is “Race Smart”

Yeah! We’ll go along with that.

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We're in the movies - the story continues!

Vimeo Intro Poster for the Ultimate Rally Movie draftYou may remember back in 2014 GAZ supplied the suspension for the 1965 Volvo 'Hotrod' Ponce used when he was making The Ultimate Rally movie?

Well the movie is now available on VIMEO and will shortly be available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and iTunes.

If you're a fan of Fast and Furious and Miami Vice you'll notice a less than subtle nod to the dramatic scenes from these series but in The Ultimate Rally it's all for real. No stunt doubles, no CGI.

Join Hotrod burning rubber on the back trails of central Mexico. You can view the trailer by clicking this link and you can also download the complete movie from this link and you'll quickly see why GAZ was the suspension of choice for this movie! Enjoy!

1965 Volvo Amazon in Mexico

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