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bmw compact cup

BMW Compact Cup Series

If you’re looking to get in on some racing action with a limited budget and have a decent shot on a level playing field, look no further than this tightly controlled one-make series...

The GAZ Shocks BMW Compact Cup is a one make series based on the E36 Compact (’94 – ’01 M44 1.9 16v engine).

It is aimed at drivers who want their racing to be both fun and superb value. 

Suspension is GAZ Compact Cup spec coilovers. Engine is standard with a series supplied Superchips remapped ECU.

Transmission is standard 5 speed gearbox; final drive ratio is standard 3.38.

Tyres are Toyo 195/50/VR15 and there is a minimum weight, including driver of 1125kgs.

Snetterton 300 Race Report 2013

Snetterton heats up the action!

IMG 9294 webNew for 2013 is the addition of the Snetterton 300 circuit. Just shy of three miles a lap of this F1 style circuit requires a mix of power and handling prowess. Two of the longest straights of the season provide the drivers and their machinery an opportunity to open the throttle right up and stir the gears all the way through the box. Even with all this high speed fun a lap is still well over two minutes making this probably the longest lap of anywhere on the calendar. For that reason alone qualifying is all the more important, small mistakes are costly and nothing less than a perfect lap would result in pole position.

In familiar fashion forty one cars took to the circuit for Qualifying at 09:05 and so began the quest for the ultimate lap time. Drivers familiar with the circuit immediately dug in and began finding spades of time while those less familiar were only just finding their way but soon representative times were set and the question of just who would come out on top of the obvious two front runners this year Stephen Roberts (56) and Stuart Voyce (21) would be answered.

The times released and Stuart Voyce had taken his third pole position of the season with Roberts for company. David Drinkwater (67) and David Mountain (24) lining up behind them in third and fourth respectively. Warren Gazzard (40), Bryce Greenwood (66), Mark Gazzard (46), Alex Dew (6), Paul Hinson (9) and Martin Gambling (99) completed the top ten.

IMG 5994 webOwing to Snettertons larger circuit a return to a two race format was the order of the day and race one would begin with great anticipation from the truly massive crowd (probably the biggest we have seen for some time) and the watchful lenses of the TV crews cameras.

Following the precursory Green Flag lap Roberts and Voyce were evenly matched away from the starting line and the race was underway. The two front runners would jostle for position through the first corner with Roberts being the eventual victor over his rival. But there was no let-up in the pace and Roberts would be pushed hard all the way through to the end. Voyce ducking and making moves behind him but ultimately never finding a way past his rival although he came close on more than one occasion! Back in third place Drinkwater was running a race of his own, clear ahead of the pack behind but just out of touch of the two leaders he was in perfect position to pounce should one of them make an error, it was a wait that would elude him and come the finish line he would be forced to settle for the final step of the podium. The class of the field Voyce and Roberts would finish some six seconds ahead of Drinkwater and twenty six seconds ahead of the next placed man in fourth placed Gambling. David Mountain, Colin Bysouth (11), Will Gibson (57), Neil Trotter (12), Chris Etheridge (33) and Alex Dew would round out the top ten honours.

IMG 0232 webRace Two and return to a format of old for the Championship. Finishing positions from Race One would determine your grid position for the start and so thy lined up as they finished earlier in the day. The Green Flag lap over and the field were led away by Roberts once more but this time Drinkwater would get the better of Voyce on the opening lap and cling onto second for the first two times past the start and finish line. Voyce would fight back at Drinkwater and find a way back through and on his attempt to re-pass Voyce Drinkwater locked the rears and fell back a number of places. Up front the fight for pole was once again well and truly on. This time a renewed level of confidence meant Voyce was pushing Roberts harder than before. Roberts defence was robust but fair but Voyces challenges were becoming increasingly cunning and thus it continued with both drivers scrapping hard for their own third win of the season. On the second to last lap it looked like Voyce had done it leaving the final corner onto the start and finish straight he drag race Roberts up to the first corner in the lap actually passing the like ahead of his rival but it was a lap to soon and he

tucked back in behind. It would seem he had found his opening. Come the final corner on the final lap Voyce pounced once again drag racing Roberts to the line proving the ultimate victor by 0.08 seconds, barely a hairs breadth in the victory. In no man’s land David Mountain crossed the line in third with fourth placed Bysouth some five seconds adrift but in formation with Drinkwater and Gambling. Trotter, Kevin Denwood (55), Will Gibson (57) and Dew finished off the top ten for the second race of the day.

IMG 6036 webTo pick up the non-podium honours MAHA Driver of the Day has been awarded to Farard Daver demonstrating a cool head and consistent improvement every time he takes to the track. The Ravenol Most Net Gains Award is given to Simon Roche (65) with plus 22 and the Most Net Losses is received by Warren Gazzard (40) with minus 15.

What a day’s racing with forty one cars on circuit it was a sight to behold. TV Coverage of the Snetterton Round will be broadcast on 06/06/2013 on Motors TV Sky Channel 447, Virgin Media Channel 545.

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