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bmw compact cup

BMW Compact Cup Series

If you’re looking to get in on some racing action with a limited budget and have a decent shot on a level playing field, look no further than this tightly controlled one-make series...

The GAZ Shocks BMW Compact Cup is a one make series based on the E36 Compact (’94 – ’01 M44 1.9 16v engine).

It is aimed at drivers who want their racing to be both fun and superb value. 

Suspension is GAZ Compact Cup spec coilovers. Engine is standard with a series supplied Superchips remapped ECU.

Transmission is standard 5 speed gearbox; final drive ratio is standard 3.38.

Tyres are Toyo 195/50/VR15 and there is a minimum weight, including driver of 1125kgs.

BTCC’s Tom Onslow-Cole to star in GAZ Shocks BMW Compact Cup

Onslow-Cole drives for the eBay Motors BTCC team and currently sits 7th in the championship and is credited with 27 podiums and 608 career points to date. Come September 1st he will be given the opportunity to drive a Compact and go for glory in a track he should be very familiar with, Donnington Park Circuit.

Speaking to series director Paul McErlean was exceptionally pleased with the appearance of a driver with the mass appeal and experience for the day; “Toms a great guy and a fantastic driver and I am excited to him take to grid with our crop of great drivers. It speaks volumes for the series and our sponsors that a driver of his calibre is willing to come and chase for a win in a “Grass Roots” tin top. I’m sure more than a few guys on the grid would love to have a go at chasing him down for the day. We look forward to welcoming Tom to the grid.”

Giles Goombridge, competition secretary for the 750 Motor Club also said “we are thrilled by the prospect of a driver of Tom’s quality joining the Compact Cup and all of us here at the club are very excited to see how Tom fares against our regular drivers in what is one of the 750 Motor Club’s most hotly contested series. The race forms part of our Summer Festival and we hope Tom’s presence along with the other events surrounding the race meeting will ensure the event is an enjoyable one for both participants and spectators alike”

Mean while Tom gave us 2 minutes to tell us why he was looking forward to joining the grid for the day; “It’s great to have been invited and I’m really excited to accept, not only are the grids thriving but from what I’ve seen the competition is hot too, I can’t wait”

Tom will take part in both races for the Saturday and will be being interviewed by the Press Officer Dan Collett, any questions you would like to ask Tom email to Dan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and check back on the interview to see if yours made the cut. We will be getting his opinion on the car and the series with its drivers as well as how this year’s BTCC is playing out for him as well as your questions so make them good."

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