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How low can you go with a T5?

Richard contacted us telling us about his 2014 T5.1 Caravelle and asking how to set up an ultra low suspension.

We'll let Richard tell the story and show how we answered his questions...




I have a T5.1 Caravelle (14plate), I'm interested in your shocks to firm up the boat-like factory ride (my 5 year old suffers from travel sickness in it, much more so than when in my car)... Would you recommend the normal or the extra low for this kind of adjustment? (I love the look of a low van, and I'm sure it would look super cool on both sets, but my priority is tackling the handling).

Also - do you have any pictures of vans running the ulta low kit? - I've not seen it anywhere and can't find much in the web as it seems pretty new. Thanks!

Regards, Rich



Hi Richard.

With both kits the ride on the van will be stiffer as we have to increase the spring rates when a coilover is used due to their being less movement in the spring and if too soft they would close the coils up. You do get rebound adjustable damping on the front and bump & rebound on the rear which is adjusted from a single control on a fixed ratio. On the standard coilover kit you can get up to around -70mm and on the ultra-low -100mm but you will increase the negative camber on the van as you lower it and the more you go down, the more negative it will get and it will wear the inside edge of the tyre. I have attached a couple of pictures of a van with our ultra-low kit on.


Regards. The GAZ Team




Can I ask what the minimum height is on the ultra low?

My Caravelle has about 100 and 120mm gap from top of tyre to the arch lip (front/rear respectively). I obviously want it lowering a fair amount, but the purpose really is to adjust the ride to be less boat-like for my kids in the rear... So at the min the aim is not to fix it at a height as low as I can (I know for some folks that is the aim), but instead to find a balance of firmness... As such, I'm wondering if the ultra low would be better with less use of the max available drop - rather than running the regular ones on the full -70 drop? (i.e. at what range of drop do these products overlap) ?

Regards Richard



Hi Richard.

The normal kit will be from -15mm to -70mm and the ultra low from around -25mm to -100mm. With the standard coilover kit the lower you set the van the less movement you have in the damper.

Regards. The GAZ Team



Well it looks like Richard got his van sorted because he's just sent us a pic over, and we reckon it looks just right. Agreed?

Richards Van


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