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GAZ and the Butcher's Van

vanOur mate, Martyn Hillier, is the genius behind the The Butcher's Arms, in Herne Village, Kent which was the first Micropub in the country and is possibly the smallest freehouse in England.

This tiny pub has sparked the rise of many other micro pubs which are springing up all over Britain, but Martyn's love of small but dynamic things goes further than his pubs.

He just sent us pics of his micropub delivery van. It an Asquith Motor Carriage, based on a Reliant Fox van. Nothing particularly remarkable about that you might think. Asquith have been turning out their antique style minivans for years now... well not like this one! Martyn's van is powered by a Honda Super Blackbird motorcycle engine, taking the power from a measly 40 hp to 175hp!.

Needless to say the 0 to 60mph time is impressive.


Martyn was into 'bikes in his youth until an accident put an end to his two wheel activities, but the 'bike engined van (with a paddle gear change on the steering column) still gets the adrenalin pumping and naturally has GAZ coilovers to keep the beer from spilling over. This puts a whole new meaning to ' a swift half'.

Check out the pics of Martyn's van and his micro pub and next time you're in the area, drop in for a pint. Tell him we sent you! Cheers all!

micropub GAZ Damper bar


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