Wednesday, June 19

    GAZ GHA Kits

    Gaz height adjustable kits are primarily made for the modified road car market. The main features of these kits are:
    • On car damping adjustment
    • Shortened body and stroke lengths to allow a 25 to 65mm ride height adjustment
    • The units have a coarse acme form thread for ease of adjustment and to minimise corrosion the unit is zinc plated.
    • All units are provided with high quality coil springs in various rates and diameters. Spring rates can be altered on request to suit customers requirements.
    When a coilover is unable to be installed a separate damper and rear coil spring with a variable spring platform is used so the kit retains full height adjustment.
    N.B. These kits can obtain much lower ride heights for show purposes only but the vehicle should not be driven at these levels as the steering and drive shaft joints can lock out.