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porsche 928 nurburgring

Hi Guys,

Just returned from Nurburging, and the car is transformed with the new coilovers! It is precise and even feels like a lighter car.

Many thanks, the 928 has come alive - photo attached :))


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IMG 3227

Dear Gaz,


Please find attached some photos of my participation in Almada Extreme Sprint 2019.


I finished 6th overall and won my class.


Here are some videos...





Thanks for the support.

Best regards,

João Sarmento.








Hi guys 

The last race is finished. 

It was still a pleasure, thanks to your shock absorbers and new settings, we were able to perform well despite very difficult conditions. 

Now we are going to control the gearbox and look forward to seeing you in February 2018 for the start of the new season. Thank you all

Cyrille Leroyer. 


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