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Find out in the GAZ catalogue. Check out the whole range. Shock absorbers and suspension kits listed by car make, year and model.

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Customer Comments

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Hey guys 

My second rally with your absorbers is finished. One more time, I'm very satisfy. 

"We had very bad conditions with mud water. 

But Despite everything, I found some grip. I think your shocks have contributed.

Next rally in early December. See you soon"

Cyrille Leroyer. 

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Lotus Day at Brands


Hi Guys

 As promised see attached pictures, drove home all ok, car was enjoyable to drive.

Thanks for your help, wish you well.

Perry D.







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Hello Marc

I truly enjoyed talking with you concerning my dilemma pertaining to my DMV inspection. I've attached a couple of pictures to this email for your viewing. I'm also attaching a ''YOU Tube'' link of a video I have of the car's restoration. 

 Thank you again for your time, help and concern in this matter.

 William Zanasi 

Quebec, Canada

PS: I was the first Jag owner in Montreal to get ''GAZ'' dampers and ever since, practically everyone in the ''Montreal Jaguar Club'' have been getting them for their Jags also 


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Greetings from up north , just some feedback regards the Gaz Gold kit I fitted to my Citroen C2 Super 1600 replica. Really happy I plumbed for the Gaz setup. Really impressed with build quality , fitment and spot on customer service.

I ordered a similar set up for the Cituning Citroen C4 WRC replica I am currently rebuilding from the ground upwards. Big shout out for Mark at the technical end as he has gone above and beyond what I expected for service and advice, Thanks guys. Pics of the C2 on the Gaz Gold kit, feel free to use them with my thanks!

Nikki Bayles






















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Dear Gaz

I thought it prudent I email you to share my recent experiences with your company.

I bought a set of adjustable dampers from your company via one of your distributors before Christmas (Dampertech, South Yorks). I picked them up myself rather than having them posted because I'm an impatient man and don't trust the postage system too much. I was a little gutted they never came with stickers and thought it odd that you wouldn't want buyers to promote you by whacking them on their cars, but hey, not to worry.

I ordered a set of GTO-2024's for my Rover Metro GTI (J Reg.)

These, ultimately are for a mini rear set up, but was advised by fellow 'Metro' enthusiasts that these would fit the front of my GTI. I opted for the shortened version rather than the standard 2022's as I plan to drop the ride height.

Once I had taken the old dampers off the car and came to fit yours it was quickly established that the through bolt was too big to go through the insert on the bottom bush. Now, I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to cars. If I'm going to upgrade from standard I want the upgrade to be 'spot on' and not 'bodged'.

I rang through to your company via your website yesterday and a pleasant lady answered the phone. As I've said before, I'm an impatient man so proceeded with said phone call by asking if I could speak to one of the 'techy' guys who would understand what I was talking about. I was put through to a guy called David, again, very pleasant, understood my frustration and very knowledgeable.

He, David explained that the dampers I bought were for a mini and the lower bush insert was an Imperial measurement 3/8" rather than a metric measurement of 10mm which is what I needed for these to be able to fit a Rover Metro. After hearing this, my immediate thought was 'Well, that's more money down the pan" as I was not prepared to attempt drilling an insert to the correct size whilst housed within and bonded to a rubber bush, disaster waiting to happen springs to mind.

David straight away said I'll see whether my lads are able make you a set with a metric insert which will need to be bonded to the bush and get back to you tomorrow (today) with an answer.

I received a call from David this morning as promised to which he explained he had managed to get the custom bush/insert made for me and was able to post out to me today! He explained that all I needed to do was to pop the others out and replace with these ones. £7.50 was paid over the phone and I await delivery.

Really, I just felt it right to email you to say how happy I am to deal with such an accommodating company like yours and to speak with someone (David)  who obviously knows his stuff. He is most certainly placed in a job he enjoys and must get a sense of well being resolving customers challenges and is a credit to you. If this is standard practice which I presume is the case, I just wanted to show my appreciation by saying thank you and I'm glad I chose your company to do business with. I will share my experience on line as I am a member of numerous car fanatical forums and hope to deal with you again one day.

Best Regards,




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